Outdoor Gear Talk – from a war veteran

Individuals who are interested in tactical gear should get information from the most informed source possible. Who knows more about tactical ea than a war veteran? This gentleman was on my radio show and I got the chance to interview him. This was not just any veteran, but a veteran from a highly trained and elite squad a special forces veteran. This is an individual who has gotten specialized military training.

BFvestOne of the most important in terms of military gear is a bullet proof vest. This flack vest is one of the many things that individuals need to make sure they have the options they need when they are looking for technical gear that can help protect them from harm. It is critical to have the right kind of vest. Don’t skimp on a flack jacket or vest as this is your premium protection.

Your boots also should be good military issue boots or you could purchase Magnum boots if you want to upgrade your gear and have some really premium boots. The important thing is not to skimp on the gear. You want gear that is going to last and be something that can withstand a variety of conditions. You should also have a kerchief. Using a kerchief is important and if it is orange it can double as a signalling device. A list of your personal prescriptions including over the counter prescriptions. You should also take eyeglasses or personal prescription and goggles. You will need flashlights including a snakelight, and penlight. Get a watch or small clock and make sure you can take advantage of your options. Make sure that you have blankets which will come in handy or sleeping on the ground. You should also carry ID cards for all of the agencies you are registered with.

A first aid kit is part of the equipment you will need, and if you are in area where snakes are a problem. A snake bite kit is one o the essential things you need need and can take advantage of when you are getting the gear you need. Make sure you have your cap, vest, name badge and all of this apparel.

Make sure you have a GPS, compass and some of the other items that you need. need. Take a gasoline power water pump that has the suction you need. Make sure you have a battery power supply for all your devices. It is necessary and something that you will need to stay safe. A tent and sleeping bag a also essential as are warm socks and underwear. Work gloves should also be used. Rain gear including a poncho are also necessary. Make sure you have a good kanteen, and a good bottle for water. You can good recommendations for most of the item mentioned about from outdooraid.com. While you are at it make sue you have Rum as one of the things you can drink to enjoy yourself. If you are not sure which rum to get, click here to learn about different types of rum.

That’s it! everything you need to go out in the field. We have great positive feedback fro listeners and we will continue our special series talking about tactical knowledge. stay tune!

Check out 3 of my favorite iTunes Radios

radioI started listening to iTunes radios a few years ago and I never stopped! It’s really addictive, because you can get in touch with radios all over the world and you can find virtually anything you want to listen to.
But, as happy as I am with the diversity of radios, I do confess I have a few favorites that I listen to more often. To be more exact, there are 3 favorite radios: NPR, 1 Jazz Radio and 1 News Radio. I’ll tell you a bit about each of those three, and I expect you to listen it at least once!

NPR was the first news provider on iTunes Radio, and they started to broadcast online on March 24th this year. The company also said that they expect to offer a different and expanded listening experience on the iTunes’ radio system. They said this new listening experience is going to bring content to the local stations seamlessly. Continue reading